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About Us

What is Ethereum Code?

The Ethereum Code is a ground-breaking, automated cryptocurrency trading application. This cloud-based system was created by Marc Weston, a long-time, professional trader and now the CEO of ourEthereum Code company.

Marc, who initially worked as an accountant at a major global software organisation, decided to change his professional and personal path when a friend showed him that there were alternative ways to achieve financial success, mainly by trading cryptocurrencies.Marc was so impressed by the earning potential of trading cryptos and he was determined to find a way to extract the maximum profits from the many lucrative trading opportunities.

Alongside his friend, he worked to create a system that would help traders to earn profits from the quickly rising value and increasing importance of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, as well as many other digital currencies, in the financial markets. The end result was a state-of-the-art and effective app – Ethereum Code– which has assisted global traders to make huge profits from the cryptocurrency space.

Why Ethereum?

When Marc Weston decided to leave his job and to venture into cryptocurrency trading, he quickly realized that digital currencies are not the fad or bubble that many people in the stock or investment markets claim them to be. Instead, they are a major technological innovation, which has the potential to equal or even surpass many traditional payment methods. Of the major cryptocurrencies available today, the two biggest are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

While Bitcoin is more well-known and pioneered the digital currency revolution, Ethereum is quickly catching up, due to a few distinct advantages. First, it is a better medium of exchange and it also offers the advantage of allowing computer applications to run on its network. The result is that the currency’s network has led to the development of apps and smart contracts, while its internal currency is known as Ether. Beyond a tradeable cryptocurrency, Ether is also used by appdevelopers to pay for transaction fees and services on the Ethereum network. Marc recognised the vast potential that Ethereum had and he used this as the basis of his development.

The Ethereum Code bot enables all types of traders to get in on the cryptocurrency trading action. Another great advantage is that you do not need to have prior experience to use the Ethereum Code – with this powerful app, you are able to access a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with ease, enabling you to step into the cryptocurrency trading arena with confidence and the tools to succeed.

How Ethereum Code Bot Works


Open Your Free Account


Activate Your Account


Sit Back and Relax

Using the Ethereum Code app is easy to do – the first step is to open a free account. Signing up to a new account is simple and it only requires you to provide some basic information on the web form at the top of this page or on our homepage. Once your information has been validated and approved, you are then able to activate your Ethereum Code account and to start trading. Our software will pick the best broker for you to ensure maximum profitability.

One the most attractive features of Ethereum Code is that the bot links seamlessly to our selection of preferred brokers, allowing it to place orders on your behalf automatically.All of the cryptocurrency trades on the Ethereum Code are placed and completed instantly and without any need for you to do anything. The advanced algorithm will quickly pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities and will activate a trade automatically.

In addition, as a web-based trading system, you can start trading instantly since you do not need to download or install any special software onto your computer. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a stable Internet connection and a modern browser to log into your trading account. Setting up your trading preferences, such as Stop Loss, trade sizes and Take Profittakes only a few seconds, which means that you can start making money trading cryptocurrencies almost as soon as you sign up.

Make Mega Profits Trading Crypto Automatically

The Ethereum Code App will help you to start making profits, even if you have never traded before. This is because it has a live trading system that connects to popular Ethereum brokers and places trades for you, completely on autopilot. Our robot does not sleep, take holidays or go on a break on weekends – it is a relentless profit machine that works for you 24/7.

Since our app makes use of a highly advanced algorithm to analyse market trends and to automatically enter potentially profitable trades on your behalf, when it comes to the profits you can make, there is no limit to how much money you can generate by using Ethereum Code.

What’s more, access to our application is absolutely free of charge. You are not required to pay to sign up or to access the system. In addition, there are no hidden charges or taxes levied on your account, so you get to keep 100% of what you make while trading cryptocurrencies with us.

Is It Legal to Use Ethereum Code App?

Use of the Ethereum Code app is not only legal but is actually encouraged by many traders and analysts in the cryptocurrency market. In financial trading, the more people trade, the better for everyone, since a thin market means less volatility and less profits for traders. Since the Ethereum Code connects to highly reputable cryptocurrency brokers and follows technical indicators, it is highly regarded in the industry as a major market maker when it comes to Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

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Trading through a leading automated system like Ethereum Code could prove invaluable to you in the cryptocurrency market. The reality is, you cannot be available 24/7 to react to the market and its movements, meaning that you are probably missing out on some top trading opportunities. To top it off, when you choose to enter trades by yourself, profitable trading requires a lot of time, knowledge and experience, which are qualities that few traders possess. Ethereum Code does all the work for you, so you no longer need to spend hours understanding and analysing the financial markets and the different assets. In addition, our bot offers you fail-safes, such as Stop Loss and other features that are not always available on exchanges and some broker platforms.
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